A Sacred Spot In Inglewood Cemetery…

We have recently returned from Los Angeles where we had a wonderful time visiting family and enjoying the Californian ambience. We supplemented our visit with a trip to Las Vegas where I met with the lost son of Elvis on the ‘strip’. Strangely enough I expected to see an army of Elvis lookalikes in Las Vegas but met only one…

On a more serious note we made a point of visiting the grave of Thornton Chase in Inglewood Cemetery, Los Angeles. Thornton Chase (February 22, 1847 – September 30, 1912) is generally considered to be the first westerner to join the Bahá’í Faith and so holds a particular place of affection in our hearts.


6 thoughts on “A Sacred Spot In Inglewood Cemetery…

  1. Karl,
    Thanks for visiting my Web page on Thornton Chase, and I am honored that you used information from it for your visit and in teaching, via your website. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. The end of September is the Annual Thornton Chase Memorial Service, sponsored by the Los Angeles Assembly.

    And yes, Elvis is multi-facet here in Las Vegas, some more believable that others, all are entertaining in a sort.

    We have a beautiful Baha’i Center here in Las Vegas; we are knee deep in the Intensive Program of Growth, with activities happening all the time complete with blessing and confirmation each day. What an exciting time we live in.

    I enjoyed so your website; a definite service to your community.
    Jeannie C
    Las Vegas, NV.

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