Baha’is In Danger Of Deportation To Iran

I am very troubled to learn that three Baha’is currently imprisoned in Yemen are in danger of being deported to Iran, where the Baha’i community is greatly persecuted. Although Mr. Zia’u’llah Pourahmari, Mr. Keyvan Qadari, and Mr. Behrooz Rohani have lived in Yemen for over 25 years they hold Iranian passports. The three Baha’is were detained on 20th June 2008 seemingly on the grounds of teaching their Faith. (Though no formal charges have been filed). A fourth Baha’i of Iraqi origin Mr. Sayfi Ibrahim Sayfi, was also arrested and faces the prospect of deportation to Iraq. I understand that there is a small community of around 250 Baha’is in Yemen which until now has been free to quietly practice their beliefs. I sincerely hope that the government of Yemen will reconsider it’s actions and release these four innocent men.


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