Expelled From School In Iran For Being a Baha’i

Iran Press Watch reports the disturbing case of Sina Haghighi who was expelled from school in Iran for Baha’i activities which took place off of campus-

The principle of the school summoned Sina on Tuesday, 2 December 2008, prior to the final exams of the first semester, and informed him that the Board of Education had contacted the school and informed them that Sina was no longer permitted to attend classes or participate in the forthcoming end-of-semester exams. When Sina inquired about the reason for this decision, the principle stated that he was unaware of the details and added, “You must ask the Information Office of the Board of Education.” 

When Sina and his elders referred to the aforesaid Information Office, the person in charge stated, “Religious proselytizing is forbidden. He has engaged in proselytizing.” 

When asked, “Who has he taught?” the Office responded, “He has given out pamphlets and CDs.” 

And when the Baha’is said, “What do events outside of school have to do with what is taking place inside the school?” the response was, “Since it impacts students and their religious convictions, then this is a matter for the Ministry of Education.”

This ruling implies that any Baha’i child practicing their faith is denied an education in Iran.


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