Yet Another Baha’i Detained In Iran

Yet another innocent Baha’i has been detained by ‘security forces’  near the town of Sari in the north of Iran.

In the afternoon of July 28, nine Intelligence agents raided the residence of Mrs. Vesal Yousefi, a 38-year old Baha’i faithful and resident of Mahforozak village in the vicinity of Sari, without presenting a warrant.  The agents began searching the residence in a rude manner.  After a few hours of searching and confiscating books and religious portraits, agents detained Mrs. Yousefi.  Even though Mrs. Yousefi’s brother demanded to see the warrant for her arrest, the agents in charge refused to present any warrant and they took her to an undisclosed location.
On Tuesday, August 4, the agents returned to Mrs. Yousefi’s residence and, by presenting a warrant, they attempted to detain Mrs. Yousefi’s 18-year old son, Payam, and since he was not present in the residence, her aunt promised that he would appear in Sari’s Intelligence Ministry on Wednesday. 



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