Whereabouts Of Detained Baha’i Unknown

There is no further news about a Baha’i detained in Qa’emshahr, Iran in early July.

While at work, Sohrab Laqa’i, a Baha’i resident of Qa’emshahr, in the province of Mazandaran, was arrested in the afternoon of July 8 by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence who produced no warrant for his detention.  However, in all these days, Mr. Laqa’i has had only a very short conversation with one of his children, though no mention was made of his whereabouts or conditions under which he remains incarcerated. In response to many inquiries by his family from the local judiciary or security authorities regarding Mr. Laqa’i’s condition, whereabouts or charges against him, no specific or convincing answers have been given.  The vary fact that authorities remain evasive about this case has given considerable worries to the family.It should be mentioned that Mr. Laqa’i’s resident was raided and searched more than a month ago by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence, who confiscated his computer, CDs and books.

Source: http://www.iranpresswatch.org/post/4857


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