Baha’i Sentenced On Spurious Charge In Iran

An innocent Baha’i has been sentenced on a spurious charge in Iran.

Mr. Zabiu’llah Raufi, a Baha’i resident of Sanandaj, has been given the sentence of a year imprisonment and exile to the town Minab [near Bandar Abbas in south of Iran]. On August 19, 2009, he was summoned before the Revolutionary Court and arrested at the same time. He continues to be incarcerated. It should be noted that the actual date that the court convened is not known, nor was he provided legal representation, or was there formal legal proceedings. It was at this trial that his sentence was communicated to him. It should further be noted that in recent days, 18 friends and acquaintances of Mr. Raufi have been summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence of Sanandaj and they have been forced to sign assurances that they would not associate with the family of Mr. Raufi.



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