Villagers Express Sympathy For Persecuted Baha’is

The Northern Iranian Village Of Ivel

I am heartened to learn of the sympathy of muslim villagers for their persecuted Baha’i neighbours in the Iranian hamlet of Ivel.

Following the demolition of Baha’i homes in the Iranian village of Ivel – reported last week – there is another story that must also be told: that of sympathetic villagers who have commiserated with their Baha’i neighbors over the injustices they have been forced to endure. It is also the story of an undaunted spirit and a commitment to social good that continues to enable the Baha’is to transcend their prolonged persecution and be active participants in the social and economic development of their village…In its earliest days, Ivel was the summer residence for sheep farmers from the surrounding region of Mazandaran. There have been Baha’is in the village for more than a century and a half. Indeed, since the years immediately following the establishment of their Faith in mid-19th century Iran, the Baha’is have comprised about half of Ivel’s total population. All the while, they have lived side by side with their Muslim neighbors in comparative harmony. Unfortunately, however, outside elements strongly inimical to the Faith have periodically sought to stir up the local population against the Baha’i community, resulting in intermittent persecution – ranging from life-threatening to less harsh forms of harassment.

Source: Baha’i World News Service


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