Luxembourg Government Praises Baha’i Community

The Luxembourg Baha’i community’s involvement in society has been praised by a high-ranking government minister on a special visit to the national Baha’i centre.Minister of Finance Luc Frieden made his remarks at a celebration marking National Day, the official birthday of His Royal Highness Henri, Grand-Duke of Luxembourg.Citing the importance of the values of tolerance and unity, the minister expressed the government’s gratitude to the Baha’is for their commitment to the life of the country.”The value of a religious community, or any other organization, should be a reflection of the contribution it makes towards the development of society,” said Mr. Frieden. To that end, Mr. Frieden spoke of the importance of people being involved in the community in which they live, “looking more to the common good and the effects of their actions on others.”Amir Saberin, the chair of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Luxembourg described the occasion as “very historic and significant for us.”

Source: BWNS


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