‘This Limitless Universe Is Like The Human Body’

Emblem of Microcosm/Macrocosm from Jan Moerman ‘De cleyn-werelt’ Amsterdam,1608.

‘Abdu’l-Bahá made a profound comparison of the universe with the human body.

‘…this limitless universe is like the human body, all the members of which are connected and linked with one another with the greatest strength. How much the organs, the members and the parts of the body of man are intermingled and connected for mutual aid and help, and how much they influence one another! In the same way, the parts of this infinite universe have their members and elements connected with one another, and influence one another spiritually and materially. For example, the eye sees, and all the body is affected; the ear hears, and all the members of the body are moved. Of this there is no doubt; and the universe is like a living person. Moreover, the connection which exists between the members of beings must necessarily have an effect and impression, whether it be material or spiritual’.

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2 thoughts on “‘This Limitless Universe Is Like The Human Body’

  1. I find this concept really intriguing. It reminds me a lot of the Buddhist concept of Indra’s net- where the universe is a net and at every junction where two threads meet, lies a jewel. There are many many jewels in the net, and each jewel is reflected in every other jewel. I love that notion.
    It also reminds me of the Baha’i concept of prayer- that no matter how far away the person we’re praying for is, our prayer can reach them and affect their soul.

    “Whoso reciteth, in the privacy of his chamber, the verses revealed by God, the scattering angels of the Almighty
    shall scatter abroad the fragrance of the words uttered by his mouth,
    and shall cause the heart of every righteous man to throb. Though he may, at first, remain unaware of its effect, yet the virtue of the grace vouchsafed unto him must needs sooner or later exercise its influence upon his soul.” – Baha’u’llah

    I feel that the glimmerings of this concept are becoming visible to some human beings that are spiritually attuned, but that we will understand much more fully when mankind advances to the Most Great Peace- God’s Kingdom on earth- that Baha’u’llah says that mankind is inexorably moving towards.

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