‘All are the Inhabitants of One Planet’

Monica Stewart ‘Unity’

In this age where politicians seem determined to divide the peoples of the East and the West through the promotion of fruitless conflict in places such as Afghanistan. Iraq and Libya I find it moving to read the words of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá  on the union of East and West.

‘Exert yourselves with heart and soul so that, perchance, through your efforts the light of universal peace may shine and this darkness of estrangement and enmity may be dispelled from amongst men, that all men may become as one family and consort together in love and kindness, that the East may assist the West and the West give help to the East, for all are the inhabitants of one planet, the people of one original native land and the flocks of one Shepherd’.

5 December 1912 Talk on Day of Departure On Board Steamship Celtic, New York


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