“The object of God’s teaching to man”

“The object of God’s teaching to man is that man may know himself in order to comprehend the greatness of God”.



“The heavenly teachings are expressed in parable”

“The heavenly teachings are expressed in parable in order to be understood and preserved for ages to come. When the spiritually minded dive deeply into the ocean of their meaning they bring to the surface the pearls of their inner significance. There is no greater pleasure than to study God’s Word with a spiritual mind.”

~ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

“chance is an utterly empty word”

“If anyone should define chance as a happening produced at random and without causal relationships, I would say that accidents don’t occur at all, and I believe chance is an utterly empty word, without any real reference to an underlying reality…”

Boethius “The Consolation of Philosophy” Ignatius Critical Editions